Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

My Unforgetable Experience

          Hi guys!!!!!!
          Today i will tell you about my unforgetable experience that can make me like now, i'm sorry if that is many mistake in this text, but i hope you can still understand to the point i want to show to all of you from my experience, and i hope this will be your motivation for all of you especially for people who in the situation like me in the past.
          There is one moment where i feel the fullest point in my life. Where i can't do anything. I can't study altough i go to school but i can't understand anything, i can't do my home work correctly, i don't want to eat, i feel like my friends  distances theirselves from me, and i just want stay alone in my room.
          What do you think if your parents see your condition like me? And i know all of you will have your own opinion. But do you know guys, that what i get is my mom scloded me she ask me why i do that, she told me that my father work to lived our family especially for me. He work hard to get money for me for my study and for my future.And she told me that i can't do this i can't make all of my parents especially my father hard work useless. And in that situation i don't know for just little bit of learn of life. Then my mother help me rise from my fall, she ask me to start study again now, do all of my home work correctly,and she remembered me to don't forget to sholat(pray to Alloh) because just Alloh who can help us in every situation. She told me that i need to share my problem to Alloh in every pray and Alloh must be give me the solution of my problem with his own way.
          After that i always try to give the best achievement to make my parents proud to me, i want always make them smile with everthing i do. And i'm very thankful to god for give me parents like them.
          That's my short experience.Thank for read my post guys......

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Dialogue 1 Meisya and adli


Adli      : " Hallo, I'm often see you in here, do you like reading?"
Meisya  : " Of course, that's why i'm often stay in here."
Adli      : " Oh you right. By the way I'm Adli Ahmad. What's your name?"
Meisya : " I'm Meisya Nur'alfiani. Nice to meet you."
Adli      : " Nice to meet you too."
Meisya : "Hmmm dli what kind of book do you like?"
Adli      : " I like reading some novel and subject's book. How about you?"
Meisya : " I like reading some novel too."
Adli      : " O great, what kind novel do you like?"
Meisya : " I like action and romantic novel."
Adli      : " If novel i like read an action novel and fiction like sherlock holmes and harry potter."
Meisya : "How many books of novel do you have at home?"
Adli      : " Hmmmm i think i have more tahn 15 books at home."
Meisya : " Wow it's so many book do you have."
Adli      ; " Yes, because my hobby is reading so i must have a lot of book at home."
Meisya : " I'm just have 7 books at my home.What's your favourite book from all of books you have."
Adli      : " I like Harry Potter."
Meisya ; " Why?"
Adli : "Because the price is so expensive."
Meisya : " Hahaha."
Adli : " What's your favourite book from all of books you have ?"
Meisya : " I like My Lovely Gengster."
Adli : " Ohhh good. Do you ever finish  read it?'
Meisya ; " Yes i have ever finish it until two times."
Adli : "Wow, why you read it again and again? Do you not boring about the story?"
Meisya : " Of course no, i like that story i think the story is very interest and i like that."
Adli : "When you began read that's book?"
Meisya : " When i'm in 8 grade in junior high school.How about you?"
Adli: " I read harry potter when i'm in 7 grade in junior high school."
Adli : " Mey, i'm sorry i must go home now."
Meisya : " Ohh ya becareful, see you next time."
Adli : " See you."

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Try to Introduce My Self

          Hai guys, today i will try to introduce my self to all of you. My name is Meisya Nur'alfiani Eka Putri, you can call me Meisya/Esa. I'm 15 years old. I was born in 2 Mei 2002 in Cimahi Indonesia. Now i'm study in 3 Senior High School. Just information that i am not realy good in english, so i'm sorry if that many mistake in this text. I dont have any brother or sister. I like almost of food especially indonesian food, sometimes i like to eat like ramen, sushi, pizza. But my favourite food is bakso. Bakso is the most favourite food for many people. Because it's very very delicious.
          I like some sport like swimming, badminton, and karate. But sport that i still do until now is karate. I was joined karate since i'm in 4th grade in elementary school, and now i have already in blackbelt. I want to tell you little my experience when i was did some exam to get my blackbelt.
          I'm was in 9th grade 1st semester when i do that test. We are karateka from Jabar (especially from Jakarta, Bandung, and Cimahi ) go to Pulau Tidung in Jakarta it's in Ancol area i think. In that momment Sihan Uchida from Japan come here, just for look the test. It was something special because not every test Sihan from Japan will come. There i meet many  senior Simpei and Sensei. In teh first day of that test we do the test in the afternoon. It was very hot so we look like we just take a bath. The test is finish around Maghrib. In the afternoon we get ikan bakar but because i'm to tired to eat so i just go sleep.
          In the morning on teh second day we do breakfast, in that breakfest i eat ikan bakar that like ikan bakar i have got last night. When i eat that ikan bakar, i'm feel so regret because that taste is very very delicious. And you know? Last nihgt i give that to my roomate. And she was ask me first before she ate that ikan bakar am i serrious to give that ikan bakar to her, and i just give it to her. And now i'm really really regret because of that.
          Just forgot that story lets go to the next story. After we have a breakfast, we are jogging around that island. That is little bit horror when we runn to place that was many trees there. After we runn around the island we stop and take a rest for a minute in Jembatan Cinta. And we do kihon in Jembatan Cinta that is many people who look and focus to us. We are finish the test in 12a.m. after that we back to our hotel. Because our hotel is nearby the beach so before we in to our hottel the sihan and sensei ask us to do push up in the beach. That is very funny guys. In the afternoon we start leave the island and go back home.
          Hahahaha yah that's my story, thank you for your time to read my story. And i am sorry about my abstrac grammar. Thx guys.. see you in the next post.