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Everlasting Flower

Many people said that edelweiss is the symbol of everlasting love.

Leontopodium nivale, commonly called edelweiss, is a well-known mountain flower, belonging to the Asteraceae (daisy or sunflower family).
The plant prefers rocky limestone places at about 1,800–3,000 metres (5,900–9,800 ft) altitude. It is non-toxic, and has been used traditionally in folk medicine as a remedy against abdominal and respiratory diseases. The dense hair appears to be an adaptation to high altitudes, protecting the plant from cold, aridity, and ultraviolet radiation. As a scarce, short-lived flower found in remote mountain areas, the plant has been used as a symbol for alpinism, for rugged beauty and purity associated with the Alps and Carpathians, and as a national symbol, especially of Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, and Switzerland. According to folk tradition, giving this flower to a loved one is a promise of dedication.


The flower's common name derives from the German word "Edelweiß", which is a compound of edel "noble" and weiß "white."
Edelweiß was one of several regional names for the plant and entered wide usage during the first half of the 19th century, in the context of early Alpine tourism.Alternative names include Chatzen-Talpen ("cat's paws"), and the older Wullbluomen ("wool flower," attested in the 16th century).
The scientific name is a latinisation of the Greek leontopódion, "lion's paw."


Close-up of flower.      
Alpen Edelweiß, Leontopodium alpinum 2.JPG
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae          Since 1822, Leontopodium has no longer been considered part of the Gnaphalium genus,
Clade: Angiosperms but classified alongside it as a distinct genus within the Gnaphalieae tribe.In 2003, 
Clade: Eudicots  Leontopodium alpinum was re-classified as a subspecies of Leontopodium nivale.
Clade: Asterids  
Order: Asterales  Thus, the alpine edelweiss is currently
Family: Asteraceae recognized as being divided into two subspecies,  
Genus: Leontopodium Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum (Cass.) Greuter and Leontopodium nivale subsp.
Species: L. nivale
Binomial name
Leontopodium nivale
(Ten.) Huet ex Hand.-Mazz.

Symbolic uses

No.5, Dianthus silvestris, and Gnaphalium leontopodium, (Edelweiss), chromolithograph by Helga von Cramm, with hymn by F. R. Havergal, 1877.
In the 19th century, the edelweiss became a symbol of the rugged purity of the Alpine region and of its native inhabitants.
In Berthold Auerbach's novel Edelweiss (1861), the difficulty for an alpinist to acquire an edelweiss flower was exaggerated to the point of claiming: "the possession of one is a proof of unusual daring." This idea at the time was becoming part of the popular mythology of early alpinism. Auerbach's novel appeared in English translation in 1869, prefaced with a quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"There is a flower known to botanists, one of the same genus with our summer plant called 'Life-Everlasting', a Gnaphalium like that, which grows on the most inaccessible cliffs of the Tyrolese mountains, where the chamois dare hardly venture, and which the hunter, tempted by its beauty and by his love (for it is immensely valued by the Swiss maidens), climbmivas the cliffs to gather, and is sometimes found dead at the foot, with the flower in his hand. It is called by botanists the Gnaphalium leontopodium, but by the Swiss EDELWEISS, which signifies NOBLE PURITY."
Before 1914
  • in the Swiss army, the highest ranks (brigadier general and higher) have badges in the form of edelweiss flowers, where other military branch badges would have stars
  • The edelweiss was established in 1907 as the sign of the Austrian-Hungarian alpine troops by Emperor Franz Joseph I. These original three Regiments wore their edelweiss on the collar of their uniform. During World War I (1915), the edelweiss was granted to the German alpine troops, for their bravery. Today, it is still the insignia of the Austrian, Polish, Romanian, and German alpine troops
World Wars era
  • The song Stelutis alpinis (Friulian for "Little edelweisses"), written by Arturo Zardini when he was an evacuee due to World War I, is now considered the unofficial anthem of Friuli[17]
  • The song Es War Ein Edelweiss was written by Herms Niel for soldiers during World War II
  • The edelweiss was a badge of the Edelweiss Pirates: the anti-Nazi youth groups in the Third Reich. It was worn on the clothes (e.g., a blouse or a suit)
  • The edelweiss flower was the symbol of Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger, or mountain rangers, worn as a metal pin on the left side of the mountain cap, on the band of the service dress cap, and as a patch on the right sleeve. It is still the symbol of the mountain brigade in the German army today
  • The World War II Luftwaffe unit, Kampfgeschwader 51 (51st Bomber Wing) was known as the Edelweiss Wing
  • The edelweiss is represented as the favorite flower of Adolf Hitler's, in the recording "Adolf Hitlers Lieblingsblume ist das schlichte Edelweiß" (1934), sung by Harry Steier.
After 1945

The Edelweiss Flower’s Color Meanings

Though subtle in appearance, the Edelweiss’ color has symbolic meaning as much as the entire flower itself has. The actual German translation of the word, “Edelweiss,” literarily means noble and white. Surely, this is a brief color meaning as a description. The flower’s sense of nobility is the most profound in the Edelweiss’ entire symbolic meaning. Roughly dozens of people die yearly in climbs and expeditions for this blooming daisy variety. Its nobility is on the line yearly with 50 being the most to have fallen to their deaths in pursuit of this wild blossom.

Interesting Facts About the Edelweiss Flower


  • There currently are legal limitations that deny the legal right to pick this flower in most of the regions where it’s now left to grow wild.
  • The plant is said to have anti-aging proponents.
  • The popular song, that you likely heard on “Sound of Music” is not a national tune; it was written specifically for the movie.
  • To prevent its extinction, the Edelweiss has been planted in accessible areas consisting of lower altitudes.
  • The Edelweiss is a token of love, and it is also the name of a beer maker in Austria.

Special Occasions for Edelweiss Flowers

Should the man be brave and stout, an Edelweiss might be the right flower to profess his love. This flower can be a great symbol of love when daring men take hold of the mountains and elevate there way through dangers of falling and inclement weather.
The lucky women found to be the reason for such an occasion will surely know the honor of the man seeking to impress her. This flower could also have been given to soothe the body of diphtheria or tuberculosis.
When taken as a tea, these ailments are given relief and was a gesture of good faith had it been giving to you during sickness.

The Edelweiss Flower’s Message Is:

A plant that is of honorable qualities, the Edelweiss, which makes its seeker climb and its lover woo. Its nobility is found in its upbringing: rare and where only few can surely get to.

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My Last Holiday

Huy guyss. 
Today i will start to tell you about my holiday.

 May be around three weeks ago i got my holiday after i pass the final examination in my school.
We got two weeks for our holiday. Some of my classmate spend they holiday to go Umroh, go to     foreign country, but that's my classmate so it's different with me.                                                       
I almost spend my holiday just around my home. I mostly spend my time to help my mother to 
cleaned my house. But sometimes my parents invited me to picnic. Then they have been invited me to go to Cirata. Actually Cirata is one of a dam in Jawa Barat, Indonesia, beside Jati Luhur dam.      
But we not go to Cirata just for seeing the dam. We go there because there, we have our favourite   
restaurant. If i'm not mistaken the name of the restaurant is "Restaurant Midun". And our favourite food in that place is the sate maranggi it is very very delicious. I recomended it to all of you guys...

And there are many places that i have visited with my parents that i not sure to write it here. But
taht's one thing that is yaa unforgetable for me. It was in 31th December yaa and i just stay at my  
grandma's house. That day i little bit feel boring cause i just playing my phone. And my aunty       
called my mother and invited me to go with them to go to Sumedang to my aunty's family. At the 
first i don't want to go till my aunty come to my grandma's house to persuade me to go with them  
to Sumedang. Yeahh and she succed do it and i decided to prepare my self to go to Sumedang.       

We go to Sumedang at 11.30 am and gratefully the road was not full. We arrived in Sumedang at
14.00 pm. We visited my aunty's house and we did midday pray first then we continue our journey   
to cipanas may be around 17.00 pm we go back from cipanas. At the way we go back to my aunty's
house we bought tahu sumedang and hui cilembu. Before we go back to Cimahi we did afternoon   
pray first then we start go back to Cimahi at 18.30 pm. We arrived at Cimahi at 21.00 pm.               

That's my story about my holiday. How about your's??
See guys in my next post..


Minggu, 10 Desember 2017


Hallo guyss!!!

On September 30th, my school held the biggest year-event with culture and art as its theme. This event held at Lapangan Bali which is located near from my school. There are so much friends who attended Gathapraya. For guess star, Nidji and Hivi are be the most waitted singer that we want to see.
There are so many food stand that makes me hungry so I bought a lot of them. What a delicious food. Gathapraya was just like a reunion because I saw so many friends that I haven't seen them so long. This event ended at 11 am. I was not going home. I was going to my friend's house because it was too late to go home.

Gathapraya had successfully makes a viewer at the event feel satisfied. I hope next year, "Fesbud" of my school will be held more and more and more cool.

Sabtu, 21 Oktober 2017


Indenesia is an archipelago country that has many places of tourism because it is supported by its natural beauty. But now i just want to introduce you to the existing tourism in the area of Central Java, Indonesia. Do you want to know how wonderful the tour in Central Java?? Check it out 


Minggu, 10 September 2017

Bored, thats how we can describe these three girls. The class is a mess without the teacher supervision. There are some of their friends who playing card, playing music, or gossiping. But, somehow with a situation like that, they are still bored. Only looking at their phone, scrolling through the instagram explore. Then this person tried to make a conversation to avoid the ongoing boredom.

M: "Hey, guys. Do you realize that we're in the third month of studying?"
N: "Oh yeah, time flies so fast."
J: "And we're going to face our finals soon! Yuck."
M: "I don't like exams ugh."
J: "You are lucky that you're smart. You don't have to study again."
N: "Yeah, Meisya can pass the exams even without seeing the questions first."
M: "Guys, don't be like that. You're just feeding my ego."
N: "Duh, whatever."
J: "But the most imprtant thing is after the finals is holidayyy!!"
M: "Haha, yes. Do you have any plans for the holiday?"
J: "Yep, catching up with the series that I haven't watch. How about you?"
M: "Maybe I will visit my relatives and go to the beach. I guess. You, Nan?"
N: "I have this big plan for the holiday."
J: "And what is that?"
N: "HEP. Hibernate, eat, and play."
M: "Hahaha, I guess you're right. That is the most important part of the holiday."
J: "Holiday is the time to catch up all the sleep you missed in school days."
N: "I can sleep until its 11."
M: "Haha, me too. But the weird thing is when its holiday, we're always up all night, not sleeping."
J: "Yeah, I'm like that too. I played my phone until who knows when, but then I sleep through the day."
N: "Although its fun, its bad for your health you know."
M: "Whatever, Mom."
N: "Then the eating part is the most fun one!"
J: "Yeah! We can go out and hunt for food! Looking for some cute cafe."
M: "Or you can make it by yourself, like some DIY. For the recipe, you can search it on the google or something."
J: "Sadly, I don't have the ability to cook and I don't have money too."
N: "Haha, what about your playing plan?"
M: "Hm, maybe I will do some outing with my family."
J: "I don't know about playing. My mom is working and her holiday is only 5 day-ish."
N: "Poor you, I don't really have plan about it too. Maybe playing games will be enough."
M: "You will play games for the whole holiday? I think not. I..."

*The second break bell is ringing*

J: "Let's go to the canteen, we'll continue this conversation later."
N: "Well, let's go!"

That is their great big plan for the holiday. Although there are still 2 months until the holiday. Well, who doesn't get excited for the holiday and plan it earlier? Nobody! (Unless some unenthusiastic person who desn't know the meaning of fun). I guess that's it for this post, see you again!

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

My Unforgetable Experience

          Hi guys!!!!!!
          Today i will tell you about my unforgetable experience that can make me like now, i'm sorry if that is many mistake in this text, but i hope you can still understand to the point i want to show to all of you from my experience, and i hope this will be your motivation for all of you especially for people who in the situation like me in the past.
          There is one moment where i feel the fullest point in my life. Where i can't do anything. I can't study altough i go to school but i can't understand anything, i can't do my home work correctly, i don't want to eat, i feel like my friends  distances theirselves from me, and i just want stay alone in my room.
          What do you think if your parents see your condition like me? And i know all of you will have your own opinion. But do you know guys, that what i get is my mom scloded me she ask me why i do that, she told me that my father work to lived our family especially for me. He work hard to get money for me for my study and for my future.And she told me that i can't do this i can't make all of my parents especially my father hard work useless. And in that situation i don't know for just little bit of learn of life. Then my mother help me rise from my fall, she ask me to start study again now, do all of my home work correctly,and she remembered me to don't forget to sholat(pray to Alloh) because just Alloh who can help us in every situation. She told me that i need to share my problem to Alloh in every pray and Alloh must be give me the solution of my problem with his own way.
          After that i always try to give the best achievement to make my parents proud to me, i want always make them smile with everthing i do. And i'm very thankful to god for give me parents like them.
          That's my short experience.Thank for read my post guys......

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Dialogue 1 Meisya and adli


Adli      : " Hallo, I'm often see you in here, do you like reading?"
Meisya  : " Of course, that's why i'm often stay in here."
Adli      : " Oh you right. By the way I'm Adli Ahmad. What's your name?"
Meisya : " I'm Meisya Nur'alfiani. Nice to meet you."
Adli      : " Nice to meet you too."
Meisya : "Hmmm dli what kind of book do you like?"
Adli      : " I like reading some novel and subject's book. How about you?"
Meisya : " I like reading some novel too."
Adli      : " O great, what kind novel do you like?"
Meisya : " I like action and romantic novel."
Adli      : " If novel i like read an action novel and fiction like sherlock holmes and harry potter."
Meisya : "How many books of novel do you have at home?"
Adli      : " Hmmmm i think i have more tahn 15 books at home."
Meisya : " Wow it's so many book do you have."
Adli      ; " Yes, because my hobby is reading so i must have a lot of book at home."
Meisya : " I'm just have 7 books at my home.What's your favourite book from all of books you have."
Adli      : " I like Harry Potter."
Meisya ; " Why?"
Adli : "Because the price is so expensive."
Meisya : " Hahaha."
Adli : " What's your favourite book from all of books you have ?"
Meisya : " I like My Lovely Gengster."
Adli : " Ohhh good. Do you ever finish  read it?'
Meisya ; " Yes i have ever finish it until two times."
Adli : "Wow, why you read it again and again? Do you not boring about the story?"
Meisya : " Of course no, i like that story i think the story is very interest and i like that."
Adli : "When you began read that's book?"
Meisya : " When i'm in 8 grade in junior high school.How about you?"
Adli: " I read harry potter when i'm in 7 grade in junior high school."
Adli : " Mey, i'm sorry i must go home now."
Meisya : " Ohh ya becareful, see you next time."
Adli : " See you."