Bored, thats how we can describe these three girls. The class is a mess without the teacher supervision. There are some of their friends who playing card, playing music, or gossiping. But, somehow with a situation like that, they are still bored. Only looking at their phone, scrolling through the instagram explore. Then this person tried to make a conversation to avoid the ongoing boredom.

M: "Hey, guys. Do you realize that we're in the third month of studying?"
N: "Oh yeah, time flies so fast."
J: "And we're going to face our finals soon! Yuck."
M: "I don't like exams ugh."
J: "You are lucky that you're smart. You don't have to study again."
N: "Yeah, Meisya can pass the exams even without seeing the questions first."
M: "Guys, don't be like that. You're just feeding my ego."
N: "Duh, whatever."
J: "But the most imprtant thing is after the finals is holidayyy!!"
M: "Haha, yes. Do you have any plans for the holiday?"
J: "Yep, catching up with the series that I haven't watch. How about you?"
M: "Maybe I will visit my relatives and go to the beach. I guess. You, Nan?"
N: "I have this big plan for the holiday."
J: "And what is that?"
N: "HEP. Hibernate, eat, and play."
M: "Hahaha, I guess you're right. That is the most important part of the holiday."
J: "Holiday is the time to catch up all the sleep you missed in school days."
N: "I can sleep until its 11."
M: "Haha, me too. But the weird thing is when its holiday, we're always up all night, not sleeping."
J: "Yeah, I'm like that too. I played my phone until who knows when, but then I sleep through the day."
N: "Although its fun, its bad for your health you know."
M: "Whatever, Mom."
N: "Then the eating part is the most fun one!"
J: "Yeah! We can go out and hunt for food! Looking for some cute cafe."
M: "Or you can make it by yourself, like some DIY. For the recipe, you can search it on the google or something."
J: "Sadly, I don't have the ability to cook and I don't have money too."
N: "Haha, what about your playing plan?"
M: "Hm, maybe I will do some outing with my family."
J: "I don't know about playing. My mom is working and her holiday is only 5 day-ish."
N: "Poor you, I don't really have plan about it too. Maybe playing games will be enough."
M: "You will play games for the whole holiday? I think not. I..."

*The second break bell is ringing*

J: "Let's go to the canteen, we'll continue this conversation later."
N: "Well, let's go!"

That is their great big plan for the holiday. Although there are still 2 months until the holiday. Well, who doesn't get excited for the holiday and plan it earlier? Nobody! (Unless some unenthusiastic person who desn't know the meaning of fun). I guess that's it for this post, see you again!


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