Hallo guyss!!!

On September 30th, my school held the biggest year-event with culture and art as its theme. This event held at Lapangan Bali which is located near from my school. There are so much friends who attended Gathapraya. For guess star, Nidji and Hivi are be the most waitted singer that we want to see.
There are so many food stand that makes me hungry so I bought a lot of them. What a delicious food. Gathapraya was just like a reunion because I saw so many friends that I haven't seen them so long. This event ended at 11 am. I was not going home. I was going to my friend's house because it was too late to go home.

Gathapraya had successfully makes a viewer at the event feel satisfied. I hope next year, "Fesbud" of my school will be held more and more and more cool.


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