B.J Habibie

B.J Habibie

    Prof. DR (HC). Ing. Dr. Sc. Mult. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie. He was birth in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, on June 25, 1936. He was the fourth of eight children, Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie and RA. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. Here is his siblings list:
  • Junus Effendi Habibie
  • Alwini Karsum Habibie
  • Satot Mohammad Duhri Habibie
  • Sri Sulaksmi Habibie
  • Sri Rahayu Fatima Habibie
  • Sri Rejeki Habibie
  • Ali Buntarman
  • Suyatim Abdurrahman Habibie   
    Habibie married Hasri Ainun Habibie on 12 May 1962 was blessed with two sons named Ilham Akbar and Thareq Kemal.
    Habibie who has a hobby of riding and reading is known to be very intelligent while still in primary school, but he must lose his father who died on September 3, 1950 due to a heart attack while he was praying Isya.
    Shortly after his father died, his mother then sold the house and his vehicle and then moved to Bandung with Habibie, after his father's death, his mother worked hard to finance the lives of his children, especially Habibie.
    Because of the willingness to learn Habibie then study at Gouvernments Middlebare School. In high school, he began to look prominent achievements, especially in exact subjects. Habibie became a favorite figure in his school.

Became a student of ITB and Lecture in Germany 
    Due to his intelligence, After graduating from high school in Bandung in 1954, he entered at ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung). He did not finish there because he received a scholarship from the Minister of Education and Culture to continue his studies in Germany, because Bung Karno's message about the importance of mastery of Technology which has a national vision of Maritime Technology and Aerospace Technology when Indonesia was still developing at that time.
    Habibie is the second group among hundreds of high school students who are specifically sent to various countries. Habibie then chose the Aviation Engineering department with an Aircraft Construction specialization at Rhein Westfalen Aachen Technische Hochschule (RWTH).

    The education Habibie took abroad was not a crash course but a school for many years while practicing. From the beginning Habibie was only interested in 'how to build commercial aircraft' for the Indonesian people who became Soekarno's idea at that time. From there emerged strategic companies, there is PT PAL and one of them is IPTN.
Holiday is not a time for a vacation, for him just a golden opportunity to be filled with exams and make money to buy books. After the holiday, all activities are set aside except for study.    He earned the Ing Diploma degree, from Technische Hochschule, Germany in 1960 with the Cumlaude (Perfect) grade with an average grade of 9.5. With an engineer he signed up to work for Talbot Firm, a German railway industry.    At that time Talbot Firm needed a large-volume wagon to transport lightweight but high-volume items. Habibie tried to apply the construction methods of making the airplane wings to the wagon and finally succeeded.    Afterwards he continued his studies for a Doctorate at the Technische Hochschule Die Facultaet Fuer Maschinenwesen Aachen then Habibie married in 1962 with Hasri Ainun Habibie who was later transported to Germany, his life increasingly hard, in the early morning Habibie sometimes had to walk quickly to his work away to save the necessities of life then go home at night and learn for his college.    His wife Mrs. Hasri Ainun Habibie had to queue at a laundering site to wash clothes to save the family's life needs. In 1965 Habibie earned a Dr. Ingenieur with summa cumlaude (Very perfect) with an average rating of 10 from Technische Hochschule Die Facultaet Fuer Maschinenwesen Aachen.

Habibie Factor Formula 

    Habibie invented a formula called "Habibie Factor" because it calculated crack propagation on random to atomic atoms so he was dubbed "Mr. Crack". In 1967, became Professor of honor (Professor) at the Bandung Institute of Technology. From the same place in 1965.    This genius and achievement led Habibie to be recognized by international institutions, among them, Gesselschaft fuer Luft und Raumfahrt (German Institute of Aeronautics and Space), The Royal Aeronautical Society of London (UK), The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Sweden), The Academie Nationale de l'Air et de l'Espace (France) and The US Academy of Engineering (United States).    Meanwhile, Habibie's awards include Edward Warner Award and von Karman Award which is almost equivalent to the Nobel Prize. Domestically, Habibie was awarded the highest award from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Ganesha Praja Manggala Bhakti Kencana.  

    Habibie much admired, full of controversy, many admirers but not a few who disagree with him. Every time, the prestigious award winner Theodore van Karman Award, it's back from his "habitat" Germany, he always be the hottest news.
    Then he worked in the leading aircraft industry MBB Gmbh Germany, before meeting President Soeharto's call to return to Indonesia.

B.J Habibie Returns to Indonesia and Creates First Artificial Indonesian Aircraft

    In Indonesia, Habibie 20 years as Minister of State Research and Technology / Head of BPPT, lead 10 state-owned enterprises Strategic Industries. In 1995, Habibie successfully led the manufacture of N250 Gatot Kaca aircraft which is the first Indonesian-made aircraft.    Habibie's N250 aircraft was not a plane made at random. Designed in such a way by Habibie, his N250 aircraft had flown without experiencing the 'Dutch Roll' (excessive flight term for airplane), the aircraft technology was very sophisticated and Habibie prepared for the next 30 years.    Habibie took 5 years to complete the initial design. N250 Gatot Kaca aircraft is the only turboprop aircraft in the world that uses technology 'Fly by Wire'.N250 Gatot Kaca aircraft has flown 900 hours according to Habibie and one more step into the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification program. PT IPTN even built a special factory N250 aircraft in America and Europe for the markets of those countries, although at that time many who underestimated the plane made in Indonesia, including some in the country.    When IPTN under Habibie's command has begun to triumph and employs 16,000 people, Suddenly President Soeharto decided that IPTN was closed and so was with other strategic industries. This was done when the storm of monetary crisis hit Indonesia between 1996-1998.    Another reason for the closure of IPTN when it was Indonesia received financial assistance from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) where one of the conditions is to stop the project making the N250 aircraft which is the pride of Habibie. All the experts working in IPTN and other strategic industries are forced to spread and work abroad, most of them scattered in various countries, especially aircraft factories in Brazil, Canada, America and Europe.

... I told the President, give me 500 million dollars and the N250 would be the greatest plane that beat ATR, Bombardier, Dornier, Embraer etc. and we do not need to depend on any country. But the decision has been taken and the 16 thousand IPTN employees have to earn a fortune in the land of people and crazy again we are buying aircraft from their country! - B.J Habibie 

    After the closing of IPTN, Habibie, then Minister of Research and Technology (Menristek), was appointed Vice President of Indonesia on 14 March 1998 to accompany Soeharto in Building VII. He served as vice president only a few months until 2 May 1998.    The great political turmoil and reforms demanded by Indonesians culminated in May 1998. The resignation of President Soeharto on 21 May 1998 with the announcement of his resignation made B.J Habibie subsequently officially succeeded him as President of the Republic of Indonesia. He was sworn by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to become President of Indonesia replacing Suharto became President of the Republic of Indonesia to 3.    Soeharto surrendered the presidency to Habibie under Article 8 of the 1945 Constitution. BJ Habibie served as the third Indonesian President for more than one year from 21 May 1998 to 20 October 1999. At that time, BJ Habibie inherited a condition in which Indonesia was in turmoil after the fall of Soeharto where a lot of riots and the number of areas that declared want to escape from Indonesia.    In his administration as President, Habibie made many important decisions. One of them is the birth of the Regional Autonomy Law. He also freed the people in the aspirations that made many new political parties emerging.    Habibie also managed to suppress the value of the rupiah against the dollar to below 10 thousand when the value was once reached 15 thousand per dollar, he also liquidated some troubled banks.    Until finally President Habibie was forced to resign from the post of Indonesian president after the 1999 MPR general session, his accountability speech as president was rejected by the MPR. In addition, one of the causes of the resignation of Habibie was the escape of the East Timor province which chose independence and formed a new state.

    After putting down his post as President and replaced by K.H Abdurrahman Wahid (Gusdur) as President, B.J Habibie was again an ordinary citizen, he returned to live in Germany although usually also returned to Indonesia.

    Long time was unheard of, and on May 22, 2010, BJ Habibie's wife Hasri Ainun Habibie died at the Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Hospital, Klinikum, Muenchen, Germany due to ovarian cancer. Ainun Habibie died on Saturday at 17.30 pm Germany time or 22:30 Jakarta time.    The certainty of Hasri Ainun's death from the certainty of Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, a former member of the House of Representatives appointed BJ Habibie's family representative. This became a profound sadness for former President Habibie and the Indonesian People who felt lost.    For Habibie, Ainun is everything. Ainun is the eye to see his life. For Ainun, Habibie is everything, a fill of love in his life. But every story has its end, every dream has its limit.


5 question about B.J Habibie:

1. B.J Habibie is the ... Indonesia President. 

a. First             c. Third

b. Second        d.  Fourth

2. Habibie got his  Ing Diploma degree from ...

a. Technische Hochschule     c. Technishe Universitat Munchen

b. ITB                                    d. Technische Hochschule Die Facultaet Fuer Maschinenwesen Aachen

3. Habibie married Ainun on Mei ...

a. 1972          c. 1955

b. 1946          d. 1962

4. Habibie inventeed a formula called ...

a. Aljabar                     c. Crack Faktor

b. Habibie Faktor         d. Mr. Crack

5. Habibie and Ainun has ... child.

a. 3          c. 2

b. 4          d. 5


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