Dialogue 1 Meisya and adli


Adli      : " Hallo, I'm often see you in here, do you like reading?"
Meisya  : " Of course, that's why i'm often stay in here."
Adli      : " Oh you right. By the way I'm Adli Ahmad. What's your name?"
Meisya : " I'm Meisya Nur'alfiani. Nice to meet you."
Adli      : " Nice to meet you too."
Meisya : "Hmmm dli what kind of book do you like?"
Adli      : " I like reading some novel and subject's book. How about you?"
Meisya : " I like reading some novel too."
Adli      : " O great, what kind novel do you like?"
Meisya : " I like action and romantic novel."
Adli      : " If novel i like read an action novel and fiction like sherlock holmes and harry potter."
Meisya : "How many books of novel do you have at home?"
Adli      : " Hmmmm i think i have more tahn 15 books at home."
Meisya : " Wow it's so many book do you have."
Adli      ; " Yes, because my hobby is reading so i must have a lot of book at home."
Meisya : " I'm just have 7 books at my home.What's your favourite book from all of books you have."
Adli      : " I like Harry Potter."
Meisya ; " Why?"
Adli : "Because the price is so expensive."
Meisya : " Hahaha."
Adli : " What's your favourite book from all of books you have ?"
Meisya : " I like My Lovely Gengster."
Adli : " Ohhh good. Do you ever finish  read it?'
Meisya ; " Yes i have ever finish it until two times."
Adli : "Wow, why you read it again and again? Do you not boring about the story?"
Meisya : " Of course no, i like that story i think the story is very interest and i like that."
Adli : "When you began read that's book?"
Meisya : " When i'm in 8 grade in junior high school.How about you?"
Adli: " I read harry potter when i'm in 7 grade in junior high school."
Adli : " Mey, i'm sorry i must go home now."
Meisya : " Ohh ya becareful, see you next time."
Adli : " See you."


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