My Unforgetable Experience

          Hi guys!!!!!!
          Today i will tell you about my unforgetable experience that can make me like now, i'm sorry if that is many mistake in this text, but i hope you can still understand to the point i want to show to all of you from my experience, and i hope this will be your motivation for all of you especially for people who in the situation like me in the past.
          There is one moment where i feel the fullest point in my life. Where i can't do anything. I can't study altough i go to school but i can't understand anything, i can't do my home work correctly, i don't want to eat, i feel like my friends  distances theirselves from me, and i just want stay alone in my room.
          What do you think if your parents see your condition like me? And i know all of you will have your own opinion. But do you know guys, that what i get is my mom scloded me she ask me why i do that, she told me that my father work to lived our family especially for me. He work hard to get money for me for my study and for my future.And she told me that i can't do this i can't make all of my parents especially my father hard work useless. And in that situation i don't know for just little bit of learn of life. Then my mother help me rise from my fall, she ask me to start study again now, do all of my home work correctly,and she remembered me to don't forget to sholat(pray to Alloh) because just Alloh who can help us in every situation. She told me that i need to share my problem to Alloh in every pray and Alloh must be give me the solution of my problem with his own way.
          After that i always try to give the best achievement to make my parents proud to me, i want always make them smile with everthing i do. And i'm very thankful to god for give me parents like them.
          That's my short experience.Thank for read my post guys......


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